Key Kaspersky

In this category you find the kaspersky serial that is posted every day.

If you read right what is reporting in the description of each link I am sure you will understand how the post works for each serial that is on the site.

if you still have doubts, just send a message that I will be analyzing.


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  2. Instructions to follow

    You following these steps will have a successful activation.

  3. Download Kaspersky (KIS) 45 Days - Portuguese   (809 visits to this link)

    Tell your friends about your protection. This can save them from threats to the computer. KIS with the included serial of 45 days. in Portuguese

    If you download and need password is: KIS

  4. Télécharger Kaspersky (KIS) 45 jours - Francês   (477 visits to this link)

    Parlez de votre protection à vos amis. Cela peut les sauver des menaces à l'ordinateur. KIS avec la série de 45 jours inclus. en portugais

    Si vous téléchargez et avez besoin de mot de passe est: KIS

  5. Изтеглете Kaspersky (KIS) 45 дни - Russo   (502 visits to this link)

    Кажете на приятелите си за вашата защита. Това може да ги спаси от заплахи към компютъра. KIS с включен серий от 45 дни. на португалски

    Ако изтегляте и имате нужда от парола, е: KIS

  6. Key for Day

    You will get the serial posted every day (10am and 3pm GMT-3) in this Thread / Serial works on Computer, Tablet, Mac and Mobile.

    How many days is the serial: 183 days - 6 months

    Please wait for the time to finish that a new serial will be posted.

    If you want to know the schedule of the next serial if the serial posted is exceeded, just look at "UPCOMING EVENTS" or the site calendar.

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