Key Kaspersky


  1. Internet Security (KIS)

    Here you find the serial posted according to the calendar, serial 183 days Brazil.

    Do not you know what time the serial is going to be posted?

    Search in: Calendar

  2. Total Security (KTS)

    The Antivirus KTS serial is only posted from the 23:30 clock.

    Tinano means that the serial will leave 23:30?

    Respota: Not exactly, there is a timetable set by me. this time unfortunately can not be exact. but I'm doing my best for you to be able to activate successfully ... 23:30 the counting starts for the serial to be posted, it means that it can be posted 23:30 or 00:00 or until the time entered in the: Calendar.

  3. Small Security (SOS)

    This serial many people are not looking for, possibly because they do not know the product. usually looking for is that you need to manage the security of small, large companies and so on.

    In the end I'm making the serial available in this article.

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